BS & MPH Dual Degree Program

Are you interested in promoting and protecting the health of individuals and communities? Do you have an interest in health, but maybe prefer a non-clinical option? If this seems to fit your interests then a degree in public health could lead you to some amazing career opportunities.

CSU offers a combined BS/MPH degree program where you can receive your bachelor’s degree and the Master of Public Health degree in 5 years. This is a full year less than it would take you to complete the two degrees separately. This is possible by taking some graduate MPH courses as an undergraduate and having those courses apply to both degrees. You can see how the MPH courses apply to each of the eligible majors in this document: MPH COURSES AND BS REQUIREMENTS

If you enroll in a CSU bachelor’s degree in one of the following majors then you could be eligible to apply for this combined BS/MPH degree program:

In your sophomore or junior year of your undergraduate program, you can apply for the BS/MPH combined degree program. If you apply during your junior year you want plan carefully to make sure the MPH courses don’t conflict with any remaining BS requirements. The admissions criteria include:

  • Sophomore or Junior standing (you will not graduate with your BS degree before May of the year after you submit your application)
  • Cumulative GPA of at least 3.30
  • Evidence of statistical/math competency (e.g. undergraduate statistics course; research methods course; completion of university math requirements such as calculus, college algebra and other MATH courses; academic research or lab work; elective courses taken; undergraduate minors; internship, practicum or thesis; description of quantitative skills in one of the letters of recommendation)

Applications are accepted between August and May, and are reviewed on a rolling basis, with the application portal closing on May 1. Interested students will submit their application to the Colorado School of Public Health through the SOPHAS Express application portal. Applicants will need to select the specific CSU MPH concentration that they are applying to at the time that they apply, but students can request to change this at a later date.

We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE interested students to meet with their undergraduate academic advisor before applying to the BS/MPH dual degree program to determine how the required graduate courses fit into your BS program requirements.

Application requirements include:

  • Official transcripts from CSU and any other institutions (International Coursework: WES evaluation of international transcripts is required if a degree was awarded by the international institution). Official ​transcripts, and WES evaluations of non-US transcripts, must be emailed or mailed to the Colorado School of Public Health Office of Academic & Student Affairs.​
  • Resume/CV (make sure to highlight any relevant public health experience through volunteering, coursework, internships, paid jobs, international travel, research or anything else)
  • Personal statement/essay that includes:
    • A description of your quantitative abilities through math, science, statistics or research courses taken, research conducted, projects, jobs, internships or anything else
    • How receiving an MPH degree along with your BS degree will help you to achieve your career goals
    • Highlights of any relevant public health experience through volunteering, coursework, internships, paid jobs, international travel, research or anything else
    • Which concentration you are selecting and why
  • Two letters of recommendation with one being from a faculty or academic advisor
  • Within the SOPHAS application select the BS/MPH – CSU designation

Questions pertaining to the application requirements, admissions processes, or the dual degree program should be sent to Kendra Bigsby, assistant director, at

Application reviews will take place in January and February and admissions decisions will be sent out by the end of February. Any offer of admission will be conditional upon maintaining an undergraduate GPA of 3.30 and receiving a grade of B- or better in the graduate MPH courses taken as an undergraduate student for transfer to the MPH degree program.

BS/MPH students can choose to apply to any of the MPH concentrations (excluding dual degrees and the Health Communication concentration). The general BS/MPH curriculum looks as follows:

BS/MPH General Curricular Plan

MPH credits taken in BS program & count toward both degrees (*courses vary by undergraduate major)Up to 11 credits
Remaining course credits taken in MPH program (*courses vary by undergraduate major and MPH concentration selected)27 credits
MPH Practicum2 credits
MPH Capstone2 credits

Students will take 4 MPH courses as an undergraduate student and have these courses count towards both their BS degree and their MPH degree. How these courses fit into each of the eligible CSU majors can be found in this document: MPH Courses and BS Requirement

While you are still in your undergraduate program you will continue to meet with your BS degree advisor about completing your BS degree requirements. If you are admitted to the BS/MPH program you will also meet once per semester with our MPH Graduate Advisor as you work toward transitioning to the MPH program.

While you are completing your BS degree you will continue to pay tuition and fees to CSU and at the CSU undergraduate rate, even for the graduate MPH courses that you take as an undergraduate student (additional $55 differential tuition cost per credit may apply). Once you transition to the MPH program you will become a student through the CU Denver Anschutz Medical campus and you will pay the Colorado School of Public Health tuition rate for the remainder of your MPH credits. Your tuition bill will reflect the cost per MPH credit, and there is no cap on the number of credits you are billed for. If you transfer the maximum of 11 credits of approved coursework from your BS program to your MPH program, you will have a total of 31 credits left to take through the ColoradoSPH to complete your MPH degree. You will also be billed for CSU graduate student fees, so you will continue to have access to services at the CSU campus including the CSU Health Network, the Rec Center, the CSU Career Center, and others.

Information on scholarships and other funding opportunities can be found HERE.

VA Funded Students: Undergraduate students using VA funding for their BS degree need to be aware that the VA funding may not be applied to MPH graduate courses that are not counting directly toward the BS degree requirements. The graduate courses taken while in the BS program need to either count toward a required course for the BS, or be an elective that falls within the 120 credits required for your degree. MPH courses that put you over the 120 credits required for your degree may not be funded, meaning that you would have to pay the undergraduate tuition rate for those courses.

MPH students are required to have health insurance. You can either go through the health insurance waiver process if you have your own health insurance that you’d like to use, or you can purchase the CSU student health insurance.

If you are a current CSU undergraduate student and you have questions about our BS & MPH dual degree program please get in touch with Kendra Bigsby, Assistant Director, at You can email your questions to Kendra or you can ask to schedule a time to speak with her.