Graduate Research Assistantships
The Colorado School of Public Health at Colorado State University funds several Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) positions for MPH students who choose CSU as their home campus. These highly competitive positions involve assisting a CSU faculty member in the Colorado School of Public Health with their current research projects. The GRA position announcement, along with application instructions, is sent out to all new and continuing CSU MPH students after admissions decisions are made, so only those who are offered admission can apply for these positions. Students work 10 hours a week for 9 months and receive a salary of between $700 and $900 per month, in addition to a $5,000 tuition stipend for that academic year. These positions are not guaranteed for a second year.

All CSU MPH students are eligible to apply for scholarships and awards through the ColoradoSPH.  These school-wide opportunities include:

  • Judith Albino Diversity Scholarship Fund
  • Hamman-Hoffman Epidemiology Scholarships
  • Hoffman Communicable Disease Control Scholarships
  • Moran Scholarship Fund
  • Orleans Graduate Research Fund
  • ColoHealth “Health Care in America” Scholarship

The ColoradoSPH at CSU funds a Diversity Award for new CSU MPH students. Awards are given each year and it provides the student with $8,000 per year for 2 years. The application for this scholarship is sent out to all newly admitted CSU MPH students after admissions decisions are made. “Diversity” is defined very broadly and it’s up to the student to tell the reviewers how they will contribute to a diverse public health workforce.

Conference/Training funding
Students are encouraged to seek additional opportunities for gaining public health skills. Students submit a simple funding application at least four weeks prior to the event to be considered.

Establishing Colorado Residency

Students interested in establishing Colorado residency before or during their degree program in order to be charged resident tuition can find detailed information on the process and qualifications through the CU Denver Anschutz Medical Campus Registrar’s Office. All ColoradoSPH students, regardless of their home campus, will process financial aid and residency through CU Denver for their time in the MPH program. For individuals in a CSU MPH dual degree program (MPH/DVM, MPH/MSW. etc.) you will process your financial aid and residency for the MPH portion of your program through CU Denver, and you will process these components through CSU when you are in the other degree program (DVM, MSW). Establishing residency through one institution does not transfer to another institution, and different institutions can have different requirements, so dual degree students will need to go through residency approval and appeal processes at both institutions separately.

Student Employment

Many MPH students find it feasible to work while taking classes. For full-time students who are on a two-year track, most are able to work 10-15 hours per week, and some can work up to 20 hours per week. Once students start working more than 20 hours they generally need to consider cutting back on their credit load. We do have both full-time and part-time students and all students have up to 5 years to complete the degree program.

Once individuals are offered admission to the MPH program at CSU, and they enroll in courses in the Colorado School of Public Health, they are provided with instructions for setting up their electronic ID in the CSU system. This electronic ID is what allows students to search for student employment opportunities on the CSU campus. Student positions are posted and viewable through the CSU RamWeb system.

Individuals interested in finding employment off campus may find position openings using general online searches such as Indeed or Colorado-specific sites such as the Colorado Nonprofit Association job board.

CSU Student Health Insurance

Health insurance is required and automatically billed for MPH students taking 6 or more credits per semester who have declared CSU as their home campus. Health insurance fees are charged to your CSU account at the beginning of each fall and spring semester. Students who wish to use their own health insurance must go through a waiver process every year they are in the program.

For more information about the CSU health insurance plan, visit the CSU Health Network.