MPH Concentration in Animals, People, and the Environment

Throughout the world, human societies are inextricably linked with animals wild and domestic – for food, work, or companionship. While some health professionals focus solely on health in humans, public health is hugely impacted by interactions between animals, people, and their environment.

Establish health links between humans, animals, and the environment.

The 42 credit hour Master of Public Health degree with a concentration in Animals, People, and the Environment at Colorado State University has unique, internationally recognized programs to provide both classroom and practical education opportunities in this important area of public health.

This concentration prepares graduates for a variety of careers in national, state, and local public health agencies including a variety of governmental and non-governmental agencies, health care agencies, and academia. These include both domestic and international opportunities. The focus is on the diseases shared between wildlife, domestic animals, and humans — ensuring our environment is safe for all.

Alumni have gone on to many exciting career opportunities including:

  • Disease Intervention Specialist with a county health department
  • Disease Reporting Technician with a state health department
  • Programs Outreach Coordinator with a food bank
  • Data Visualization and Policy Analyst with a state health institute
  • Compliance Officer with the US Department of Agriculture

*This MPH concentration is only offered in-person at the CSU campus and is not available as a remote degree program.

How to apply