Program Administration

Tracy Nelson, MPH, PhD


Moby Complex B, room 215D

Kendra Bigsby

Kendra Bigsby, MPH

Assistant Director

Sage Hall 100D

Molly Gutilla, DrPH

Assistant Professor

Sage Hall 100A

Umit Shrestha

Assistant Professor

Sage Hall 100C

Christina Pasana, MA

Graduate Advisor & Academic Coordinator

Sage Hall 101

Erika Lund

Administrative Assistant

Sage Hall 100F

Executive Committee

Duncan, Colleen

Courses: PBHC 6860, PBHC 6980
Research interests: marine mammals in Alaska, where she is helping to implement wildlife health monitoring programs for declining or threatened species

Faw, Meara

Courses: SPCM 5380
Research interests: how the relationships between friends and family affect health and well-being; communication of social support and affects on physiological stress of interactants; social support, tough love, conflict management and health

Graham, Dan

Courses: PSCY 6000
Research interests: promoting physical activity and healthy eating by clarifying the social ecological factors that facilitate and inhibit these behaviors

Lucas-Thompson, Rachel

Research interests: how and why family relationships matter; mechanisms through which positive and negative qualities of marital relationships predict parent-child relations and child health

Mueller, Megan

Courses: FSHN 5000
Research interest: understanding the ways in which family health and nutrition status are influenced by individual factors and the broader food and policy environments, while considering the needs and goals of diverse populations.

Rojas-Rueda, David

Courses: ERHS 501, ERHS 560
Research Interests: Promoting a healthy urban design, supporting mitigation, and adaptation to climate change.