The 42 credit hour Master of Public Health program concentration in Health Communication at Colorado State University, prepares the future public health professional to employ scientifically-based communication strategies in an effort to improve health on both the individual and community level. Effective communication is a necessary element in all domains of health care.

Empower individuals to adopt health behaviors through mass communication.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, health communication is especially critical in eight contexts:

  1. Health professional-patient relations.
  2. Individuals’ exposure to, search for, and use of health information.
  3. Individuals’ adherence to clinical recommendations and regimens.
  4. The construction of public health messages and campaigns.
  5. The dissemination of individual and population health risk information (risk communication).
  6. Images of health in the mass media and the culture at large.
  7. The education of consumers about how to gain access to the public health and health care systems.
  8. The development of telehealth applications.

Learn to create effective communication campaigns and prevent disease, promote health, influence health policies and enhance the quality of life of individuals within local and global communities. Be the voice for public health.

Alumni have gone on to many exciting career opportunities including:

  • Content Writer for a university medical campus
  • Public Health Assessment and Improvement Planner with a county health department
  • Communications Specialist with a national cancer organization
  • Health Communicator with a branch of the CDC
  • Communications Coordinator with a state health department

*This MPH concentration is only offered in-person at the CSU campus and is not available as a remote degree program.

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