CSU students majoring in biological science have the opportunity to complete their BS and Master of Public Health degree in just 5 years! From disease to injury, biology is at the core of human health. Whether tracking infectious diseases, advocating for systems that prevent chronic diseases, or mapping geographic disease burden, you have an opportunity to significantly impact the health of individuals and communities.

MPH courses taken as a BS student (maximum of 11 credits) How MPH courses apply to BS degree (maximum of 11 credits)
*PBHL 516: Public Health Foundations (2 cr.)Biology selected course in approved field or content area of study (2 cr.)
Choose a minimum of 3 credits:
*PBHL 520: Health Systems Management and Policy (3 cr.)
*PBHL 530: Environmental and Public Health Policy (3 cr.)
*PBHL 550: Applied Behavior Change Theory (3 cr.)
Biology selected course in approved field or content area of study (3 - 9 cr.)
Choose up to 6 credits based on selections above:
ERHS 501: Biological basis of Public Health (2 cr.)
FSHN 500: Food Systems, Nutrition and Food Security (2 cr.)
FSHN 525: Nutrition Education Theories and Practice (2 cr.)
FSHN 530: Principles of Nutrition and Metabolism (3 cr.)
FSHN 561: International Nutrition (2 cr.)
PBHL 540: One Health in Public Health (3 cr.)
PBHL 692C: Health Communication Skills: A Public Health Approach (3 cr.)
PSY 515: Women’s Health (3 cr.)
PSY 517: Perspectives in Global Health (3 cr.)

*Core required MPH courses that apply to all MPH concentrations
Biology selected course in approved field or content area of study (up to 6 cr.)


Students will apply in their sophomore or junior year, when they have at least one full academic year left before they will graduate. Eligible students should also have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.30.


There is one application cycle per year with a February 1 application submission due date. Students apply online to the Colorado School of Public Health through a system called SOPHAS. There are more details about the application process on the BS/MPH web page. You will need to select your CSU MPH concentration of interest at the time that you apply, but this can be changed later as you get closer to finishing your BS degree and enter the MPH program. You can read about the different concentrations on our website.


If you are interested in learning more about the BS/MPH program you can email Kendra Bigsby, Assistant Director, at kendra.bigsby@colostate.edu. She can address any questions that you have or you can arrange a time to meet with her. You can also check our BS/MPH program web page for information session dates and register to attend an upcoming session.