Planning your courses

When using the CU Denver|CU Anschutz registration system to find classes, you will need the four-digit course number (also referred to as the catalog number in the CU Denver system) for the course you want to register for. View the course schedules (including days/times) for classes at all of the Colorado School of Public Health campuses.

All approved Colorado School of Public Health courses are published in the school’s Course Book. Courses are organized first by campus, and then the department prefix. Each course makes mention of when the course is generally offered, however, only courses that show up on the semester course schedule (link above) are being offered during the given semester regardless of what the Course Book says. If you would like to view a complete list of ColoradoSPH approved courses across the three campuses, access the ColoradoSPH Course Book.

Each Colorado School of Public Health course is matched with core public health and concentration-specific competencies. View the CSU Course Competencies Booklet for ColoradoSPH courses on the CSU campus.

All MPH competencies for students who took their first MPH class prior to Summer 2023 can be found here.

All MPH competencies for students who took their first MPH class during or after Summer 2023 can be found here.

Registering for courses

All students in the Colorado School of Public Health register for classes through the CU Denver|CU Anschutz system regardless of where the course is being physically taught. When you are ready to register, login to the CU Denver|CU Anschutz student portal. Click on the “Student” tab and then the “Register for Classes” tab.

You will need the course subject area (ex: ANTP for anthropology) and the four-digit catalog (course) number (ex: 5320) to search for the classes on each campus. You will then proceed through a four-step process to confirm your enrollment. You can opt to continue adding additional classes to your cart before you confirm enrollment.


Please remember there will be a lag time between when you register for a class through the CU Denver|CU Anschutz registration system and when your request is entered into the CSU registration system. This is a manual process and it can take up to a week for you to be officially registered for classes at CSU depending on what day of the week you enter your registration. Because of this, it’s important for you to register for classes early. Please note that you do not officially have a seat in a CSU course until it shows up in your CSU account.

Make sure to check the ColoradoSPH academic calendar as you schedule your classes.

You may notice that CSU courses listed in the CU Denver|CU Anschutz system are similar to, but slightly different from, the course numbers in the CSU system. For example, ANTP 5320 in the CU system is ANTH 532 at CSU. As a way to cross check course numbers and prefixes between CU and CSU, use the ColoradoSPH/CSU course cross-reference guide. This guide will provide you with the ColoradoSPH course number, the course title, and the CSU course number.

Books and Materials

When purchasing books for your courses, you will need to go through the bookstore for the campus offering the course to find which texts may be required for those classes.

For CSU MPH classes, you can see which books are required through the CSU bookstore. You will need to look books up using the CSU course subject area and number, not the ColoraoSPH course number. You can see the CSU course number for your CSU classes through your RamWeb account at CSU or by using the course cross-reference guide.