ColoradoSPH/CSU Course Number Crosswalk
CSPH Course NumberCourse TitleCSU Course Number
AGRI 5000Advanced Issues in Agriculture (and Recitation)AGRI 500
AGRI 5460Principles of Cooperative ExtensionAGRI 546
AGRI 5470Delivery of Cooperative Extension Programs (and Recitation)AGRI 547
AGRI 6950Independent StudyAGRI 695
ANEQ 5670HACCP Meat SafetyANEQ 567
ANEQ 6760Molecular Approaches to Food Safety (and Lab)ANEQ 676
ANTP 5050Resilience, Well-Being, and Social JusticeANTH 505
ANTP 5200Women, Health, and CultureANTH 520
ANTP 5320The Culture of Disaster ANTH 532
ANTP 5380Food, Hunger, and CultureANTH 538
ANTP 5400Medical AnthropologyANTH 540
ANTP 5450Culture and Mental HealthANTH 545
ANTP 5710Anthropology and Global HealthANTH 571
ANTP 6950Independent Study ANTH 695
EDRM 7010Applied Linear Models- Educational ResearchEDRM 701
EDRM 7030Applied Longitudinal Data AnalysisEDRM 703
ERHS 5010Biological Basis of Public HealthERHS 501
ERHS 5350R Programming for ResearchERHS 535
ERHS 5380Geographic Information Systems and Health (and L)ERHS 538
ERHS 5600Health Impact AssessmentERHS 560
ERHS 5730Design and Conduct of Epidemiologic ResearchERHS 573
ERHS 6400Advanced EpidemiologyERHS 640
ERHS 6580Environmental/Occupational EpidemiologyERHS 658
ERHS 6930Research Seminar- EpidemiologyERHS 693A
ERHS 6950Independent Study- EpidemiologyERHS 695A
ETHS 5020Research Methods ETST 502
ETHS 6950Independent StudyETST 695
FSHN 5000Food Systems, Nutrition, and Food SecurityFSHN 500
FSHN 5200Advanced Medical Nutrition TherapyFSHN 520
FSHN 5250Nutrition Education Theories and PracticeFSHN 525
FSHN 5300Principles of Nutrition Science and MetabolismFSHN 530
FSHN 5500Advanced Nutitional Science IFSHN 550
FSHN 5510Advanced Nutritional Science IIFSHN 551
FSHN 6200Community Nutrition Planning and Evaluation (and Recitation)FSHN 620
FSHN 6280Advanced Nutrition Counseling TechniquesFSHN 628
FSHN 6400Selected Topics in Nutritional EpidemiologyFSHN 640
FSHN 6500Recent Developments in Human Nutrition- ProteinsFSHN 650A
FSHN 6501Recent Developments in Human Nutrition-Carbohydrates, Lipids, and EnergyFSHN 650B
FSHN 6502Recent Developments in Human Nutrition-Genomics, Proteomics and MetabolomicsFSHN 650C
FSHN 6600Women's Issues in Lifecycle NutritionFSHN 660
FSHN 6610International NutritionFSHN 661
FSHN 6950Independent Study- Food ScienceFSHN 695A
FSHN 6951Independent Study- NutritionFSHN 695B
FTEC 5720Food BiotechnologyFTEC 572
FTEC 5740Current Issues in Food SafetyFTEC 574
FWLD 5440EcotoxicologyFW 544
HDFS 5920Grant Writing-Human Services and Research (and Recitation)HDFS 592
HDFS 6070Prevention Science Across the LifespanHDFS 607
HDFS 6080Program Planning and ImplementationHDFS 608
HDFS 6090Prevention Program EvaluationHDFS 609
HDFS 6100Risk and ResilienceHDFS 610
HDFS 6120Adolescent DevelopmentHDFS 612
HDFS 6500Research Methods IIHDFS 650
HDFS 6950Independent Study- Human DevelopmentHDFS 695A
HESC 6000Research DesignHES 600
HESC 6450Epidemiology of Health and Physical Activity HES 645
HESC 6500Wellness and Health Promotion ConceptsHES 650
HESC 6950Independent Study- HealthHES 695A
IEOO 6790Advanced International DevelopmentIE 679
JTCM 5010Process and Effects of CommunicationJTC 501
JTCM 6140Public Communication CampaignsJTC 614
JTCM 6300Health CommunicationJTC 630
JTCM 6500Strategic CommunicationsJTC 650
JTCM 6600Communication and InnovationJTC 660
JTCM 6610Information DesignJTC 661
JTCM 6700Communication in the Social Processes of RiskJTC 670
JTCM 6950Independent StudyJTC 695
MIPO 5550Principles and Mechanisms of DiseaseMIP 555
NRRT 6650Survey Research and AnalysisNRRT 665
PBHC 5160Public Health Foundations PBHL 516
PBHC 5200Health Systems Policy and ManagementPBHL 520
PBHC 5300Environmental Public Health PolicyPBHL 530
PBHC 5340Public Health Data Management Using SASPBHL 534
PBHC 5400One Health in Public HealthPBHL 540
PBHC 5500Community Health StrategiesPBHL 550
PBHC 5600Public Health Data AnalysisPBHL 560
PBHC 5700Epidemiology for Public Health PBHL 570
PBHC 5750Research Methods in Public HealthPBHL 575
PBHC 6300Field Methods of Disease InvestigationPBHL 630
PBHC 6440Physical Activity and Public HealthPBHL 644
PBHC 6860Public Health PracticumPBHL 686
PBHC 6920Public Health Seminar- APEPBHL 692A
PBHC 6921Public Health Seminar- EPIPBHL 692B
PBHC 6922Public Health Seminar- GHHDPBHL 692C
PBHC 6923Public Health Seminar- HCOMPBHL 692D
PBHC 6924Public Health Seminar- PAHLPBHL 692E
PBHC 6925Public Health Seminar- PHNPBHL 692F
PBHC 6926Public Health Seminar- Public Health PBHL 692G
PBHC 6950Public Health Independent StudyPBHL 695
PBHC 6960Public Health Group StudyPBHL 696
PBHC 6980Public Health CapstonePBHL 698
PHLY 5640Seminar in Animal Rights PHIL 564
PHLY 6660Science and EthicsPHIL 666
POLS 6650Public Policy AnalysisPOLS 665
POLS 6700Politics of Environment and Sustainability POLS 670
PSCY 5150Women's HealthPSY 515
PSCY 5170Perspectives in Global HealthPSY 517
PSCY 6000Advanced Psychology: Health PsychologyPSY 600J
PSCY 6530Methods of Research in Psychology IIPSY 653
SOCO 5620Sociology of Food Systems and Agriculture (and Recitation)SOC 562
SOCO 6620Sociological Policy AnalysisSOC 662
SOCO 6950Independent Study - EpidemiologySOC 695
SOWK 5200Social Welfare Policy AnalysisSOWK 520
SOWK 5300Anti-Oppressive Social Work PracticeSOWK 530
SOWK 6330Advanced Practice: Social Welfare PolicySOWK 633
SPCM 5380Relating and Organizing for HealthSPCM 538
SPCM 6320Theories of Interpersonal CommunicationSPCM 632
SPCM 6390Communication TheorySPCM 639
STAS 5110Design & Data Analysis for Researchers: R SoftwareSTAT 511A
VSCS 5330Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases/Zoonoses (and Recitation)VS 533
VSCS 6480Food Animal Production and Food SafetyVS 648
VSCS 7950Independent Study- EpidemiologyVS 795S