This summer, five MPH students from ColoradoSPH at CSU completed their practicum and/or capstone projects at the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva, Switzerland. Projects addressed a variety of topics such as breastfeeding practices, tobacco control, and communicable disease, to name a few. “I got to understand how the WHO works, and how much influence it has,” said Lorenza Cavelier, a second year student in the MPH/DVM program. “It really made me appreciate things that I’d learned in class.”

It is a unique and exciting opportunity to get practical experience in a global setting with so much influence, while also being in a centralized location with a wealth of options for leisure time activities. “They have such a great network for interns,” Kelly Brown, a second year MPH student in the Physical Activity and Healthy Lifestyles said. “They did a tour every week. I traveled with interns I met from all over the world.”

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Pictured above: All WHO summer interns