Elisabeth Aron

Elisabeth graduated from medical school in 1992 and went on to complete an OB/GYN residency from 1992 to 1996. She worked in private practice for three years and then decided to try her hand at research. She did a year of bench research at CSU, studying IUGR using an ovine model, and then became a WRHR scholar at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center (Now University of Colorado, Denver). She then discontinued research and opted to stay in academic medicine as an instructor. Throughout this time Elisabeth was always interested in patient-physician communication and patient education and had written a book, Pregnancy Dos and Don’ts (Broadway Books), an iPhone App (pregnancycani), and contributed to numerous magazines articles, books, and personal essays geared towards both the health care consumer and the physician. As writing became a bigger part of her life, Elisabeth decided to pursue an MPH with a concentration in Health Communication.

Based on Elisabeth’s prior experiences and interests, communication seemed like the logical focus area for her MPH. She was able to take elective classes outside the Public Health program, including Communication in Clinics, Communication Theory, Telecommunications, Public Communication Campaigns, Process and Effects of Technical Communication, and Public Relations Management.

Elisabeth’s practicum was at the Larimer County Department of Health, where she learned about educating adolescents on unplanned pregnancy. Her Capstone was to create an online Reproductive Life Plan tool (rlp.catalyticgroup.com) in order to utilize modern communication methods and incorporate what she had learned from her classes and practicum.

Elisabeth is currently working as an OB Hospitalist in Denver. She is trying to incorporate what she learned in the MPH program into her everyday contact with patients. She is also open to writing assignments and job offers related to health communication, reproductive life planning, and adolescent pregnancy prevention.