Erica Borrensen, a 2012 ColoradoSPH graduate, currently works as a research associate and study coordinator in Dr. Elizabeth Ryan’s lab at the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Science.  Their clinical trials confirm that people can eat enough bean- and rice-bran enhanced foods to promote gut health at levels shown to prevent colorectal cancer in animals. “The evidence is there in animals and we can now study this in people,” Dr. Ryan said.  Erica worked on a clinical trial ensuring that colorectal cancer survivors ate adequate amounts of rice and beans each day. You can read the full research article here.

Initial promising results and partnerships with UC Health oncologists will facilitate the next phase of this research, to examine the effects of cooked navy bean powder and rice bran on the colon tissue of people who already had colorectal cancer and are at high risk for recurrence.

Read the full CSU Source story here.