The start of a new semester calls for new clubs at the ColoradoSPH at CSU! The new Journal Club is looking for members. Journal Club will meet every Tuesday at 12:30 pm in room 301B in the Chemistry building. Started by Halley Pucker, Journal Club involves weekly fruitful academic journal discussions and enticing presentations from its members.

Pucker, a first year CSU ColoradoSPH student, is a MPH student with a concentration in Animals, People, and the Environment. Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin (“the best city in the world” according to her) Pucker finds herself in Fort Collins with an interest in public health and infectious disease. Prior to graduate school, she studied microbiology in her undergraduate studies and worked in fundraising, but always had an interest in public health. Pucker is not only the founder of the Journal Club but also the Student Council Vice President for ColoradoSPH at CSU.

The inspiration for Journal Club comes from Pucker’s own personal passion for the collective discussion of academic journals. She briefly mentioned that her husband had been in a similar journal club, during his time in college, and she felt inspired to put her own spin on it. The desire for community and discourse is what truly sparked her inspiration for Journal Club.

When asked about her aspirations and hopes for the future of Journal Club, Pucker responded

“[I] hope we get a big turn out and that it continues on after graduation.”

As long as Journal Club is growing, members are having fun and learning, then the true intent will be met.

Journal Club serves a great purpose in the realm of public health as well. She believes that collectively discussing academic journals will,

“Create more well-rounded public health professionals who understand why other fields [within public health] are important.”

Journal Club is seen as a way to learn without the pressure of a classroom setting. In terms of getting students involved, members of the club can present their own topics and favorite journals. Members will also have the opportunity to pick a reading for the week or come prepared with the reading selected.

Journal Club will provide students with an opportunity to read academic journals and discuss with peers in a community setting, which is beneficial for those who want to become more immersed in their readings. Hope to see you there!


Written by Erica J Carter