On November 11, the Colorado School of Public Health at Colorado State University gave their first State of the Program Address. Dr. Lorann Stallones, Director of the ColoradoSPH at CSU, spoke of the exciting progress the School has made since its inception in 2008, and hopes for the future.

In its first year, ColoradoSPH at CSU enrolled four graduate students. In fall 2016, 47 new graduate students were enrolled in the program, resulting in a total of 102 degree-seeking students. As a 100% tuition-funded program, the ColoradoSPH at CSU prides itself on returning a portion of that income back to students.  In the 2015-16 academic year, 26% of the tuition revenue was given back to students through GRA, GA, and TA positions, a Diversity Award, as well as additional stipends that students can use toward attending conferences or their practicum and capstone placements. Financial support is also provided to CSU faculty who have appointments in the ColoradoSPH through engagement in the program and pilot faculty seed grants. Faculty received $98,890 in pilot seed grants in 2015-16, and $99,793 will be awarded in 2016-17.

In conjunction with the State of the Program Address, ColoradoSPH at CSU published their first public annual report. This detailed report provides highlights in the areas of student affairs, academic affairs, faculty affairs, research, administration as well as goals looking toward the future.

The full 2015-16 annual report can be found here.