The CSU campus of the Colorado School of Public Health has been proud to offer the Peace Corps Masters International (PCMI) opportunity to our MPH students.  We have been informed that the PCMI program is being terminated across the U.S. and are saddened by this news.  However, we are so glad that six of our students have been able to take advantage of this incredible opportunity.

Our commitment to international public health experiential opportunities remains strong and we will continue to support students in finding appropriate international placements during their time in the MPH program.  Outside of PCMI, each year we have had students travel to multiple countries for their practicum and/or capstone project, or as a travel abroad course.  Students have been able to go to Uganda, Ecuador, Mexico, Thailand, India, Rome, Ireland, Nepal, Cuba, and many other places!  We also have established relationships with several specific programs/departments within the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland.  In the summer of 2016, 5 of our MPH students were accepted into internship programs at the WHO.  More information on our WHO internship opportunities can be found here.

Program Contact

Lorann Stallones, PhD
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Applications & Admissions:

All applications are to be submitted to the Colorado School of Public Health through SOPHAS. You must first apply to the MPH program, and once admitted, apply to Peace Corps.

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